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Special Counsel Appointed in Aluminum Shapes, LLC


November 18, 2021, District of New Jersey – Upon  the  application of Debtor Aluminum  Shapes, LLC for  entry  of  an  order  pursuant  to  sections  327(e)  and 328(a)  of  the  Bankruptcy  Code  and  Fed.  R.  Bankr.  P.  2014,  the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District for New Jersey authorizes  the  employment  and retention  of  Kurtzman  Steady,  LLC  as a special counsel to the Debtor. ( Bankruptcy Case No. 21-16520-JNP)

Per the application filed with the Court, special counsel is retained to handle matters that the Debtor may encounter which are not appropriately handled by its bankruptcy counsel and other professionals because of a potential conflict of interest or, alternatively, which can be more efficiently handled by the special counsel like prepare, on the Debtor’s behalf, certain adversary proceedings claim objections, answers, orders, reports, and papers necessary to the prosecution of the claims. 


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