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Andrew Teitelman, PC Appointed as Special Counsel in CORSAIR-USA-NJ, LLC


October 13, 2021, District of Pennsylvania – Upon consideration of the application of Debtor CORSAIR-USA-NJ, LLC, (Bankruptcy Case Number: 21-11632-AMC), the Court recently approved the employment of Andrew Teitelman, Esq. and the law offices of Andrew Teitelman, PC (“Teitelman”) as Special Litigation Counsel for the Debtor under Section 327(e) of the United States Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rule 2014.

As stated on the application, the Debtor is not sufficiently familiar with the law relating to title and property disputes within the chapter 11 context as to be able to instigate litigation against its’ creditors without the aid of competent counsel. Thus, the Debtor wishes to employ Teitelman as its special counsel to handle title and property issues relating to the Debtor’s real property. Precisely, Teitelman shall render all professional services required for the litigation of property disputes and title issues within this bankruptcy case, including but not limited to the following:

a) preparation of all papers required to be filed in connection with the litigation
b) proceeding against certain creditors, including all complaints, answers, motions, and any discovery documents;
c) giving the Debtor legal advice concerning any negotiations and settlement
d) discussions with the Debtor’s creditors;
e) helping the Debtor choose and prepare expert witness testimony if necessary; and
f) preparing the Debtor’s principal to compile evidence, prepare to give, and cross testimony.


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