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Home Case Studies Over 1 Million Dollar Case Dismissed for No Payment

Over 1 Million Dollar Case Dismissed for No Payment


The Debtor was the master lessee for properties owned by a different company, while the Defendant was a money lender.

Two years after the Debtor filed for bankruptcy, the Chapter 7 Trustee sought to avoid payments from the Debtor to the Defendant as alleged actual and constructively fraudulent.

The Defendant argued that the payments were received in good faith and exchange for reasonably equivalent value.

We initiated a zealous discovery plan. We served very detailed requests for admissions that covered every element of the Plaintiff’s claims and the Defendant’s defenses.

The Trustee did not respond to our discovery requests, which deemed the admissions as admitted pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

The Trustee, after that, dismissed the case voluntarily.


Jones & Associates