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Liquidating Trustee files Group Adversary Cases in the HDL Bankruptcy


April 8, 2022, Virginia – Richard Arrowsmith, the liquidating trustee of the Debtors Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., et al., filed adversary complaints between April 8, 2022, and April 12, 2022, against twelve (12) defendants in the Debtors’ jointly administered lead bankruptcy Case No. 15-32919. The cases are filed in the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

In these cases, the Trustee seeks to clawback subsequent transfers claimed to be made to the Defendants who allegedly “benefited from the Avoided Fraudulent Transfers by receiving proceeds or value of the Avoided Fraudulent Transfers in the form of gifts, charitable contributions, or other transfers from Johnson,” an insider of the Debtors.

The following cases are the top five cases in the group filings by claim amount:

AP No. Defendant Claim Amount
22-03020 Christian Life Assembly of Columbia, South Carolina, Inc. $1,331,000.00
22-03023 First United Methodist Church $1,135,000.00
22-03023 Blountsville First United Methodist Church $796,000.00
22-03025 St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church, Inc. $730,000.00
22-03019 The Animal Mission $200,000.00
22-03026 The Reece Holbrook Win Anyway Foundation, Inc. $150,000.00


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