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Home New Cases Honorable Judge Meredith S. Grabill Approves the Appointment of Bankruptcy Center of Louisiana As Counsel for A Treme Management, LLC

Honorable Judge Meredith S. Grabill Approves the Appointment of Bankruptcy Center of Louisiana As Counsel for A Treme Management, LLC


February 18, 2022, Eastern District of Louisiana Honorable Judge Meredith S. Grabill approves the appointment of Derek T. Russ and the Bankruptcy Center of Louisiana (the “Firm”) as counsel for Debtor A Treme Management, LLC in all matters relating to the performance of its duties as Debtor-in-possession.

As per the Debtor’s motion to employ the counsel, “The professional services for which the Debtor proposes to hire the Firm are necessary to enable the Debtor to execute its duties as Debtor. The legal services to be rendered by the Firm as per the Debtor’s motion include the following:

a. Advising the Debtor as to its rights, duties, and powers as debtor-in-possession;
b. Advising the Debtor regarding matters of bankruptcy law;
c. Assisting the Debtor in the preparation and filing of all necessary schedules, statements of financial affairs, reports, motions, responses, or other filings or pleadings;
d. Representing the Debtor at all meetings, hearings, or other events that come before the Court or occur in the Debtor’s case;
e. Representing the Debtor in any matter involving contests with secured or unsecured creditors, including the claims reconciliation process;
f. Consulting with the Debtor concerning the administration of the Debtor’s case;
g. Advising, assisting, and representing the Debtor concerning the formulation of, preparation and filing of, and confirmation of any proposed plan(s), and solicitation of any acceptances or responding to objections to such plan(s);
h. Advising the Debtor concerning, and assisting in the negotiation and documentation of, financing agreements, debt restructurings, cash collateral arrangements, and related transactions;
i. Providing assistance, advice, and representation concerning any possible sale of the Debtor’s assets;
j. Reviewing the nature and validity of liens asserted against the property of the Debtor and advising the Debtor concerning the enforceability of such liens;
k. Providing assistance, advice, and representation concerning any further investigation of the assets, liabilities, and financial condition of the Debtor that may be required under local, state, or federal law;
l. Prosecuting or defending litigation matters and such other matters that might arise during this Bankruptcy Case;
m. Providing counselling and representation with respect to assumption or rejection of executory contracts and leases, sales of assets, and other bankruptcy-related matters arising under the Bankruptcy Case;
n. Representing the Debtor in all matters related to its labor contracts and negotiations with unions, if needed;
o. Pursuing avoidable transfers and transactions of the Debtor on the Debtor’s behalf, including, but not limited to, transfers and transactions arising under § 547, § 548 and § 549 of the Bankruptcy Code;
p. Performing such other legal services as may be necessary and appropriate for the efficient and economical administration of this Bankruptcy Case; and
q. Performing such other legal services set forth in the Engagement Letter executed by the Debtor and the Firm on December 9, 2021

In re: A Treme Management, LLC, Case No.: 21-11418


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