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Trustee Dismisses Preference Claim Based on Ordinariness Shown In the Alleged Transfers

The Debtor was a provider of communications services, content, and analytics solutions through multiple communication channels, including print, electronic, and internet-based communications, to clients in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and transportation industries. Defendant, our client is a provider of IT services for government, education, healthcare, and rural electric cooperatives.

Preference and Fraudulent Conveyance Clawback Action Dismissed for No Payment; Debtor Received Value In Exchange of Transfer

The Debtors held themselves as direct marketing logistics solutions and management companies that provide comprehensive, specialized, coordinated, and integrated marketing solutions to multinational clients in the IT, hospitality, financial, and publication industries. Our Client, the Defendant, is a Texas-based company that manufactures high-quality, die-cut, custom mail envelopes for the direct mail and advertising industry.

J&A Proves That Transfers Were Pre-Payments, Case Dismissed For No Payment

Debtors were a New Jersey-based company that provided comprehensive health and wellbeing programs offered through organizations' sponsorship. They also offered health coaching to support positive health risk migrations for individuals through these services. The Defendant, our client, manufactured and shipped custom-made corrugated packaging materials and packaging support materials to the Debtors.

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