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Our Network


We handle cases nationwide through a handpicked group of affiliated bankruptcy lawyers. Our internet enabled team handles cases quickly and effectively regardless of where a bankruptcy adversary proceeding is filed.

All counsel listed below are “local counsel” to our firm on a case by case basis unless indicated otherwise.

NameEmail AdresssPhone NumberCountry
Abdul Arif, Esq.aarif@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 740USA
Adrienne Woods, Esq.awoods@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 790USA
Alan Fisher, Esq.afisher@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 724USA
Barry Spitzer, Esq.bspitzer@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 798USA
Brian O’Toole, Esq.botoole@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 746USA
Carla Ferrari, Esq.cferrari@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 776USA
Chasity Sharp, Esq.csharp@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 729USA
David Farmer, Esq.dfarmer@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 709USA
David Schoolcraft, Esq.dschoolcraft@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 717USA
Dean DiPilato, Esq.ddipilato@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 799USA
Geraldene Sherr Duswalt, Esq.gduswalt@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 715USA
Ira Abel, Esq.iabel@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 766USA
James Tobia, Esq.jtobia@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 714USA
JD Haas, Esq.jhaas@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 720USA
Jed Berliner, Esq.jberliner@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 774USA
John Parvin, Esq.jparvin@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 723USA
Jon Dwain McLaughlin, Esq.jmclaughlin@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 739USA
Jorge Ortiz, Esq.jortiz@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 751USA
Joseph Bishara, Esq.jbishara@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 730USA
Joshua Levy, Esq.jlevy@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 752USA
Mark Gilbert, Esq.mgilbert@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 722USA
Michael Baum, Esq.mbaum@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 738USA
Michael Fritz, Sr., Esq.mfritz@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 753USA
Michael White, Esq.mwhite@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 807USA
Rick Keating, Esq.rkeating@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 775USA
Robert O’Brien, Esq.robrien@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 779USA
Roberta Arnone, Esq.rarnone@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 796USA
Roland G. Jones, Esq.rgj@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 239USA
Ronald Chorches, Esq.rchorches@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 718USA
Ronald Drescher, Esq.rdrescher@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 742USA
Ruth Stepherson, Esq.rstepherson@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 743USA
Ryan Baxter, Esq.rbaxter@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 737USA
Sam Franklin, Esq.sfranklin@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 768USA
Sanford Scharf, Esq.sanfordscharf@aol.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 808USA
Scott Schiff, Esq.sschiff@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 725USA
Spencer Daniels, Esq.sdaniels@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 734USA
Stephen Coffin, Esq.scoffin@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 760USA
Stephen Manning, Esq.gsmanning@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 719USA
Timothy Nichols, Esq.tnichols@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 731USA
Todd Pinsky, Esq.tpinsky@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 809USA
Vivek Jayaram, Esq.vjayaram@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 735USA
William Maddox, Jr., Esq.wmaddox@rolandjones.com(347) 862-9254 Ext. 795USA