Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

“Jones and Associates did an incredible job for my company. They worked very hard for us and got a settlement of
over $300K less than what was being sought. I owe them my business because without them and their hard work I
would have lost it.” – H.M., Mid-South Electric Inc.

“Thank you for the note and copy of order dismissing the claim. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this
matter. We wish to place on record our appreciation for the professional and efficient manner in which you dealt
with this claim.” – A.G., Alkal Tile

“At the end of the day Roland and his associates accomplished exactly what we hired them to achieve. Claims of
this nature are difficult to process internally. It makes perfect sense to us to hire an expert in the field as we have no interest in engaging in a battle from a position of weakness. The one suggestion I would have for Roland and his
staff is to understand that his client base has hired him for his expertise and perhaps during the process they could be more educational and informative in their status updates.” – R.M., Printers’ Services, Inc.

“Thanks to Roland and all his associates for making this case go away for no payment. Good Job!” – Neal Freeman

“You made the whole experience bearable. Thank you so much for your help.” – F.P., Visionx Creative

“What a great firm! Roland handled this case for us as if it was his own money. He took it from $115,000.00 to
$7,500 !!! Come on, what more can you ask. Hats off to his operation.” – J.W., B&J Specialty inc.

“I truly appreciated Roland’s help in this matter. Roland…was great. I personally did not expect for this matter to go off as well being on two different coasts, but in fact it did. So for now, I say, Thank you to all who were part of this process and the knowledge of your expertise in these matters.” – L.M., Medina Wood Products

“Roland and his team of associates provided straightforward and cost effective guidance throughout the entire
judicial process. Roland always made himself available to us and ultimately ended up getting us the favorable
outcome that we had been looking for. For any company that finds itself in a preference action of any kind, I would
strongly encourage them to consider using Roland Jones & Associates as their legal counsel – they guide you
through the process and they get results!” – J.S., Clean Air Technologies

“We were pleased with the service that we received. The case closed pretty quick and we were satisfied with the
outcome. The company paid only $10,000 to settle the claim in which complaint was for $171,000.” – W.N., KWA,

“Jones & Associates did a great job for us, getting a settlement payment of just $8k on a $76k lawsuit. Thanks again Roland!” – T.L., The Bazaar Inc.

“Mr. Jones, I appreciate the work you did for our client. Your firm does an excellent job of managing preference
litigation.” – J.E., Inprintz Inc.

“Represented us in a NYC bankruptcy preference case. Knowledgeable and effective. Ultimately settled the case
for a small fraction of the preference amount sought by the bankrupt estate.” – D.S., Navin, Haffty & Associates,

“Roland, I found you and your staff to be professional, caring, and effective. The complaint against my company
was $32,000. You settled the matter for $4,500. This was appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend you and
your company to others seeking legal assistance. I wish you continued success.” – L.S., The John Lawrence Group

“I put my faith in Roland after one phone call. He did a good job educating me on the legal facts, presenting our
options and the risks associated with each and provided a recommendation so I could make an informed business
decision. In the end, he did a good job managing my expectations, was responsive and delivered the results.” – B.G.,Uihlein Electric

“We were very much pleased with the performance and communications of Jones & Associates in this matter.” –
D.H., Sun Tech Glass Inc.

“Jones and Associates recently settled a case for Carbon Steel Profiles Limited, Brampton, Ontario and the
Company was extremely satisfied with the service, the attention to details, and timely updates. I would not
hesitate to use their services again.” – L.M., Carbon Steel Profiles Limited

“Jones & Associates provided excellent results for us. A bankruptcy trust demanded a payment of over $112,000.00
for “early payments’ from a bankrupt company. We provided documentation supporting our position which Jones &
Associates used to settle for less than $10,000. We appreciate their hard work and diligence securing this
settlement.” – J.H., Cummings Construction

“Our firm had no idea as to how to engage an attorney for dismissal of our involvement in a bankruptcy case.
Roland Jones was recommended and we were pleased to work directly with Roland throughout the long duration of
the case. Our only regret in the bankruptcy proceeding was to not be completed cleared of any settlement obligation.
Settlement, even for the relatively low amount, become a matter of being done with the tedious process as opposed
to our very clear case to not even be in the proceedings in the first place. The fees we paid over the many months of the process, were quite economical.” – C.C., Slater Paull & Associates, Inc.

“I was represented by Roland Jones a couple years ago. I was incredibly impressed with his professionalism,
attention to detail, knowledge of the law and his responsiveness. Roland represented me well and was able to settle
my case for far less than expected. I’d recommend him and his firm to anyone.” – J.M., FieldPros, Inc.

“I appreciate what Roland Jones and Associates did for me in a recent lawsuit concerning one of my investments.
They saved me a lot of money.” – Harlan Willis, Retired Physician

“Roland represented us in a case against a company that has grossly overstated its billing against us. Although our
records weren’t the most detailed and precise, he proved that we were in the right and we ultimately settled for less than 3 times less than the claim. His fees were very reasonable and I found him professional & timely in all his work. I highly recommend Roland and Jones & Associates.” – S.W., Gold & Diamond Source Inc.